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Startech Usb 3.0 Memory Card Reader

The usb 3. 0 memory cardreader is perfect for using memory cards with uhs-ii support, such as sdmicro, sdmscf, and dxunline cards. It is also expandable to handle other multi-card sets, such as type I and type ii memory sticks. This device also features a fast uhs-ii data rate and easy-to-use interface.

Top 10 Startech Usb 3.0 Memory Card Reader Sale

The startech storage fcreadhcu3 usb 3. 0 multi media flash memory card reader is a great device for reading files on multiple devices. It comes with a 3. 0-graein connector for data transfer. The device supports rover and tablet support and offers a8damm, msi j18f4e4 garride dimm, and 2tb capacity. It also supports 4k and 8k video and has a long battery life.
the cfastrwu3 cfast cardreader is a usb 3. 0 memory card reader that is powered by startech. Com's cfast cardreader. The cfast cardreader can easily handle even the most strenuous tasks with our 2. 0 version that supports cfast 2. This device is a great addition to any device that requires a card reader.
the thunderbolt 3 dock with sd cardreader is a great choice for those looking for a powerful usb 3. 0 dockedstation with a fast and reliable connection. This dock also comes with a thunderbolt 3 dock, making it easy to add an additional device to a computer.